Saturday 3 October 2020


2020 Veteran Pairs finalists

As expected, this was a great game and worthy of a Final. Victor Gauci & George Boni kept a small lead throughout the game, which left Larry Johnston & Terry Brown needing 5 on the last end, to force an extra end. However, Vic & George were holding 5 shots and Terry had one bowl left, which cut Vic & George down to 3 shots. Congratulations to Vic & George on becoming the UBMBC 2020 Veteran Pairs Champions 19 - 11 (the score didn't reflect how close the game was). Commiserations to Larry & Terry, who did very well to get to the final. Very well done to Terry for making two Veteran finals in two years and well done also to Larry for making two finals in as many weeks.


George Bonu & Vic Gauci

Larry Johnston & Terry Brown