Friday 29 September 2023

2023 King & Queen of the Central Coast Results.


UBMBC 2023 King & Queen of the Central Coast Carnival.

Thankyou and congratulations to all the Mixed Pairs teams that took part in this years very successful UBMBC 2023 King & Queen of the Central Coast Carnival.

All teams played 7 games of 10 ends over the weekend, in very hot conditions. As always, Bowls was the winner...

Here are the results of the Carnival:

1st place 6 W +33 Debbie Moore & Tony Potter - Umina.
2nd place 5 W +56 Christine & Shaune Hamlin - Gwandalan.
3rd place 5 W +29 Robin Browne & Mark Cummings - Composite.
4th place 5 W + 26 Joanne Page & Pat O'Neil - Wyong.
5th place 5 W + 10 Steph Heard & Mark Hogden - Umina.
Consolation 1 - Vicki Young & Roger Townend - Ettalong.
Consolation 2 - Pam Fishenden & Grant Ambrose - Umina.

Friday 8 September 2023

2023 Minor Singles Championship


Ron Austin - 2023 Minor Singles Champion

The Final of the UBMBC 2023 Minor Singles Championship was played in glorious sunshine this afternoon (Sunday 20th August 2023).
The Final was between Ron Austin Vs Upu Kila.
Ron got off to a strong start with a 4, 3 & 3 in the first few ends. Despite this, Upu got into his rythmn and came back strongly. Ron maintained his composure and won the UBMBC 2023 Minor Singles Championship title.
Congratulations to both players on making the Final and putting on a great display of bowling.


Thursday 3 August 2023

2023 Triples Championship.


The Final of the 2023 Triples Championship was played this afternoon (30/07/2023).
The Final was between John Hall, Lee Cribbs & Greg Shirley Vs Don Stephens, Roger Twells & Colin Mew.The Triples players endured the same tricky conditions as the Mixed Pairs players experienced and Greg's side seemed to handle the conditions better than Colin's side n the early stages, jumping out to a ten shot lead. Colin's team adjusted and came back strongly, but Greg's team just kept their noses in front, to win the Championship.
Congratulations to all players. 
Winners - John Hall, Greg Shirley & Lee Cribbs


2023 Mixed Pairs Championship


The Final of the 2023 Mixed Pairs Championship was played this afternoon (30/7/2023), in sunny, but tricky conditions. It was much quicker playing towards the clubhouse, than it was away from it and the grass seemed to vary quite a bit.
Apart from that it was a great game to watch. Tania Valli & Jazza Bates had won their way to the final by winning two earlier games by one shot and another on an extra end, so this was going to be a great test for them against Steff Heard & Mark Hogden.
It was a great game to watch, with Tania & Jazza just coming out on top over Steff & Mark.
Winners Tania & Jazza


Sunday 9 July 2023

2023 Handicap Pairs Championship


The Final of the UBMBC Handicap Pairs Final was played in sunny, breezy conditions today (8/7/2023). The Final was between Graham Kenney & Rob Merrill Vs Vern Hannah & Mitch Douglas.It was a great game, in difficult gusty conditions, with Vern & Rob coming out on top of a very gallant Vern & Mitch.Congratulations to all players on making the final of this very popular and well supported event.

G. Kenny & R Merrill 2023 winners


Saturday 8 July 2023

2023 Mens Kingfisher


The UBMBC 51st Kingfsher Carnival was held on the 6th and 7th July 2023, in sunny, but breezy conditions. We had 18 Triples sides from various Central Coast clubs. including Ourimbah, Ettalong, Breakers, Umina, Davistown, Wyong and seven composite sides.
It was great to see such competitive games being played, all in very good spirit. I would like to thank all the players that took part in this annual event. Special thanks to Living Choice, who were represented by David & Alycia and Richardson & Wrench, who were represented by Damien & Scott, who sponsored this event.
The winners were as follows and the pictures (which also feature David & Alycia and Damien & Scott) are in the same order:
1st place. 7W + 49 James Telfer, Rick Hamilton & Peter Massingham - Ourimbah. 7 game winners. Sensational.
2nd place. 6W + 37 Paul Carr, Jamie Carr & Brandon Frazer - Composite.
3rd place, 5W +42 Allan Kelly, Peter Bech & Tony Aldrich - Composite.
4th place. 4.5W + 13 Doug Ellery, Ted Adams & Nathan Peterson - Composite.
5th place. 4W + 34 Kieran Kozlowski, Glenn Simington & Tony Potter - Umina.
6th place. 3.5W + 16 Roger Twells, Wally Pawelko & Tom Burgmann - Umina.
Consolation prize. Chris Roberts, Daryl Kirkman & Garry Frost.

Monday 26 June 2023

2023 Mixed Fours Championship Final.

The Final of the 2023 UBMBC Mixed Fours Championship was played yesterday (25/6/2023), in lovely sunshine, with a gusty breeze.
The finalists were Aileen Robertson, Meena Kelso, Joel Austin & Kieran Kozlowski Vs Tania Valli, Cheryl Catchpole, Peter Springett & Mark Connell.
The first half of the game was a low scoring affair, with the scores at 8 - 2 to Kieran's side after 10 ends. Mark's side found some rhythm and mounted a come back, which Kieran's side countered to win the Championship. Very well done.


Sunday 21 May 2023

2022/23 Grade 3 Open Gender Pennants winners


Congratulations to Umina Beach on their Grade 3 pennant win. With only the 1 section in grade 3 Umina had the afternoon off, knowing they had already won the flag. With 72 points in their section, which was a 14 point lead over their nearest rival, Umina thoroughly deserved their Grade 3 win.

Well done guys and good luck at Club Charlestown & Club Lambton for the state finals

Friday 28 April 2023

UBMBC/UBWBC Digger's Day 23/4/2023.


What a great day we had to commemorate our Digger's at our annual Digger's Day event on Sunday 23rd April 2023.

We had 77 members attend the event, which included a very nice service, conducted by Colin Mew. Terry Forbes provided the amplifier and music. followed by lovely ham & salad rolls, which were served by the Ladies club. After lunch we played the traditional Turnaround Fours bowls games, which was a lot of fun in the sun. After bowls we went back into the club and used our drink tickets, while enjoying the great company. We then held the door prize raffle, consisting of six nice bottles of wine and three box of chocs. Despite the random draw (drawn by me), the Ladies won most prizes!!

A special day like that doesn't happen on its own, so I would like to thank the following people:

  •   - Colin Mew for conducting the service.
  •   - Terry Forbes for providing the amplifier and music.
  •   - Gale Hill, Ross McIntyre, Allan Hancock & Leo Lees for laying wreaths.
  •   - The Ladies for ordering and serving the lovely ham & salad rolls.
  •   - Steve Stead for writing and rewriting the cards (we had a few changes!).
  •   - Tom Burgmann for arranging the popular drink tickets.
  •   - The guys who helped me clear up after lunch.
  •   - Club Umina for their help with the event.
  •   - The Ladies club for providing the door prize chocolates.
  •   - The Men's club for providing the wine and managing the draw.
  •   - Anyone I may have missed, as lots of people were involved, and
  •   - Special thanks to the 77 members that participated in the event.
Hope you enjoyed the day??

Sunday 19 March 2023

UBMBC 2023 Minor Pairs Final 19-03-2023.


The much anticipated Final of the UBMBC 2023 Minor Pairs was played in 33oC heat this afternoon.
As expected, this was a great game of draw and positive bowls. The scores were very tight througout the game and both sides had their chances to take the lead.
However, after 21 ends, the final score was:
Tom Burgmann & Lee Cribbs 21
Kieran Kozlowski & Joel Austin 16
Congratulations to all the players in making the final and for the great game, which was watch by over 50 spectators.

Monday 30 January 2023

2023 Fours Champions


2023 Fours Champions - M. Hogden, A. Rhodes, P. Watson, & D. Fleming

The 'David & Goliath' Final of the UBMBC 2023 Fours Championship was played this afternoon (29/1/2023).
Bobby Govaz, Frankie Corkill, Upu Kila & Geoff Collins took on the might of Darrin Fleming, Paul Watson, Allan Rhodes & Mark Hogden. Mark's side picked up 5 shots on the 9th end to make the score 14 - 2. Fortunately the nerves of Geoff's side abated and they came roaring back to make it 15 - 13 after 15 ends.
Mark's side started to look nervous, but managed to focus again and Geoff's side started to fall short (a no no when you are down). Mark's side won 5 out of the last 6 ends to win the final 22 - 14.
Geoff's side had their chances, but Finals experience was the difference, especially in the last 6 ends. The boys just managed to finish the game, just as the storm came in. A big crowd watched and enjoyed this very entertaining Final. Very well done to runners up Bobby Govaz, Frankie Corkill, Upu Kila & Geoff Collins, for making the final, with so much stiff competition. Congratulations to Darrin Fleming, Paul Watson, Allan Rhodes & Mark Hogden on becoming the UBMBC 2023 Fours Champions....
Runners-up B. Govaz, F. Corkill, U. Kila & G. Collins