Tuesday 31 May 2022

2022 Triples Championship Final


Congratulations to Paul Watson, Allan Rhodes & Mark Hogden on winning the 2022 Triples Championship this afternoon (29/05/2022), by defeating Vernon Hanna, Ken Harrison (sub) & Mark Harrison in the Final 25 - 17. This game was much closer than the score suggests.
Congratulations to all players on making the final. 
2022 Triples winner A. Rhodes, M. Hogden & P. Watson

2022 Major Pairs Championship Final


Congratulations to Arthur Glynn & Tony Potter on winning the UBMBC 2022 Major Pairs Championship over Grant Watson & Paul Maher this afternoon (29/05/2022).
Despite the score, Grant & Paul played well, but Artie and Harry played better on the day...
Congratulations to all players on making the final.
Major Pairs Winners 2022 - A Glynn & T. Potter