Thursday, 23 January 2020

Tuesday - Ladies Bowls

The Umina Beach Women's Bowling Club will be using the greens on Tuesday (Ladies Day) until at least 3.00pm each week starting from the 4th February 2020 for at least ten weeks for  Ladies Pennant Training.
The 7th April  will be the Ladies Turn Around Triples Day & their Pennants start  on the 14th April 2020.

Monday, 11 November 2019

2019 King and Queen of the Central Coast

Terrigal's Lois Wright & Shayne Edwards are Umina's King & Queen for 2019
The only team to win 7 straight games over 2 days Terrigal's Lois Wright & Shayne Edwards win Umina's King and Queen carnival with 7 wins +68. A great effort and a great display of 3 bowl pairs.
Umina's Pat Neal and Allan Rhodes ran 2nd with 6 wins +56. Allan looked ready for bed by 2 pm, but with the prize money in sight he kept going until the end.
In 3rd place wasy Mooney's Nakia Binskin & Nigle O'Donnell with 6 wins +26
4th with 5 wins + 36 was Karen & Colin Pollock from Lowood, and in 5th place with 5 wins +34 was Wayne Hughes & Kerry Mussett, a composite side.

Monday, 14 October 2019


The Final of the UBMBC/UBWBC 2019 Mixed Pairs was played this afternoon (13/10/2019), between:
Cherie & Jono Johnston.Vs Tania Valli & Charlie Stuart.

This was a classic game of bowls, with Tania & Charlie getting a comfortable lead and looked to be counting down the ends. However, Cherie & Jono had other ideas and mounted a sensational come back. On what should have been the last end, Cherie & Jono were holding 2 possibly 3 shots, which would have given them the championship. However, Charlie, as he did in the Minor Pairs Final yesterday, just trailed the jack for one shot. So after some sensational bowls by all players, the teams were locked at 17 shots all after 21 ends...the championship came down to an extra end...
L to R  C. Stuart, T. Valli, C. Johnston, J. Johnston
The spectators were riveted to their seats. Tania held her breath and drew two close bowls...Cherie got second shot and one behind. Charlie wasn't going near the head and covered behind. Jono just missed the shot bowl with his first two bowls. Tania put two bowls way behind, for cover. Cherie was very unlucky not to hit the shot bowl with her 3rd and 4th bowls, but they finished behind the head. Charlie managed to draw a second shot, which meant that Jono had to make contact with the head. If he did that anything could have happened...Jono had great weight on his last bowl and the crowd held their breath...once the dust had settled, Tania & Charlie were holding 2 shots and had won the UBMBC/UBWBC 2019 Mixed Pairs Championship. The game had lasted four hours, in the heat and needless to say, all four players were exhausted. Congratulations to all players...this game had it all.
Special congratulations to Charlie Stuart who won both the UBMBC Minor Pairs and UBMBC/UBWBC Mixed Pairs, on the last end, in both games!!
Tania & Charlie 2019 Mixed Pairs Champions


Charlie Stuart & Geoff Collins 2019 Minor Pairs Champions
The Final of the UBMBC 2019 Minor Pairs Championship was played yesterday afternoon
(12/10/2019). This had been a very competitive championship throughout, with some excellent games. The eventual finalists were:
Charlie Stuart & Geoff Collins.Vs Fred Hawksworth & Rex Hunt.
Fred & Rex were ahead all game and it was looking like they could taken the title this year. However, Charlie & Geoff got 2 shots on the 20th end, to make the score 16 all going into the last end...On the last end Charlie trailed the jack into the ditch to secure a 17 - 16 Championship win.
Congratulations to all four players on great campaigns...
L t oR Rex Hunt, Fred Hawkesworth, Charlie Stuart & Geoff Collins

Monday, 16 September 2019

Minor Singles Champion 2019 - Tommy Burgmann

On a nice sunny spring afternoon, Tommy Burgmann (the Coach) faced off against Damien McPherson (the Rookie) in the 2019 Minor Singles Final. Tommy stormed out of the blocks eager to gain the upper hand, which he soon had with a 10 shot lead, and a game that was looking like it was going to be a whitewash. Damien however was having none of it, with some consistant draw bowling that soon had him back in the match, then in the lead 25-24. However with Damien just needing 2 shots to win, Tommy got his 2nd wind, and didn't allow Damien another shot. Congratulations Tommy, commiserations Damien, that was a very entertaining afternoon.

Monday, 29 July 2019


What a sensational day for the last major final of 2019. This was the David & Goliath battle of the ages, with the 2s graded superstars up against the 6/7s graded battlers!
It should be said that the 'battlers' had already beaten the third favourites (Kel Clarke, Peter Springett & John Aldersley) in the quarter finals, then beat the 2nd favourites (Darrin Fleming, Paul Watson & Shane Starkey) in the semi finals...could they beat the overall favourites (on paper) today??
It looked like after 15 ends that the 'battlers' were in a bit of trouble, however, they clawed their back in the middle of the game and got within striking distance! However, the super stars took a deep breath, kept their cool and steadied the ship, to eventually win 30 - 27.
Congratulations to Brendon Knight, Allan Rhodes & Mark Hogden on becoming the UBMBC 2019 Triples Champions. This give Mark the full set of UBMBC championship titles (well done Mark).
Very well done to Runners Up Terry Brown, Ron Austin & Shane Waddell on a sensational triples championship campaign. The team that dared to dream...

2019 Triples Winners - Mark Hogden, Allan Rhodes & Brendon Knight