Thursday 3 August 2023

2023 Triples Championship.


The Final of the 2023 Triples Championship was played this afternoon (30/07/2023).
The Final was between John Hall, Lee Cribbs & Greg Shirley Vs Don Stephens, Roger Twells & Colin Mew.The Triples players endured the same tricky conditions as the Mixed Pairs players experienced and Greg's side seemed to handle the conditions better than Colin's side n the early stages, jumping out to a ten shot lead. Colin's team adjusted and came back strongly, but Greg's team just kept their noses in front, to win the Championship.
Congratulations to all players. 
Winners - John Hall, Greg Shirley & Lee Cribbs


2023 Mixed Pairs Championship


The Final of the 2023 Mixed Pairs Championship was played this afternoon (30/7/2023), in sunny, but tricky conditions. It was much quicker playing towards the clubhouse, than it was away from it and the grass seemed to vary quite a bit.
Apart from that it was a great game to watch. Tania Valli & Jazza Bates had won their way to the final by winning two earlier games by one shot and another on an extra end, so this was going to be a great test for them against Steff Heard & Mark Hogden.
It was a great game to watch, with Tania & Jazza just coming out on top over Steff & Mark.
Winners Tania & Jazza