Friday 28 April 2023

UBMBC/UBWBC Digger's Day 23/4/2023.


What a great day we had to commemorate our Digger's at our annual Digger's Day event on Sunday 23rd April 2023.

We had 77 members attend the event, which included a very nice service, conducted by Colin Mew. Terry Forbes provided the amplifier and music. followed by lovely ham & salad rolls, which were served by the Ladies club. After lunch we played the traditional Turnaround Fours bowls games, which was a lot of fun in the sun. After bowls we went back into the club and used our drink tickets, while enjoying the great company. We then held the door prize raffle, consisting of six nice bottles of wine and three box of chocs. Despite the random draw (drawn by me), the Ladies won most prizes!!

A special day like that doesn't happen on its own, so I would like to thank the following people:

  •   - Colin Mew for conducting the service.
  •   - Terry Forbes for providing the amplifier and music.
  •   - Gale Hill, Ross McIntyre, Allan Hancock & Leo Lees for laying wreaths.
  •   - The Ladies for ordering and serving the lovely ham & salad rolls.
  •   - Steve Stead for writing and rewriting the cards (we had a few changes!).
  •   - Tom Burgmann for arranging the popular drink tickets.
  •   - The guys who helped me clear up after lunch.
  •   - Club Umina for their help with the event.
  •   - The Ladies club for providing the door prize chocolates.
  •   - The Men's club for providing the wine and managing the draw.
  •   - Anyone I may have missed, as lots of people were involved, and
  •   - Special thanks to the 77 members that participated in the event.
Hope you enjoyed the day??