Monday, 29 July 2019


What a sensational day for the last major final of 2019. This was the David & Goliath battle of the ages, with the 2s graded superstars up against the 6/7s graded battlers!
It should be said that the 'battlers' had already beaten the third favourites (Kel Clarke, Peter Springett & John Aldersley) in the quarter finals, then beat the 2nd favourites (Darrin Fleming, Paul Watson & Shane Starkey) in the semi finals...could they beat the overall favourites (on paper) today??
It looked like after 15 ends that the 'battlers' were in a bit of trouble, however, they clawed their back in the middle of the game and got within striking distance! However, the super stars took a deep breath, kept their cool and steadied the ship, to eventually win 30 - 27.
Congratulations to Brendon Knight, Allan Rhodes & Mark Hogden on becoming the UBMBC 2019 Triples Champions. This give Mark the full set of UBMBC championship titles (well done Mark).
Very well done to Runners Up Terry Brown, Ron Austin & Shane Waddell on a sensational triples championship campaign. The team that dared to dream...

2019 Triples Winners - Mark Hogden, Allan Rhodes & Brendon Knight