Tuesday, 4 October 2022

2022 Mixed Fours Championship Final


What a great Final this was. The Tony Potter led side got out to a very comfortable 18 - 4 lead after 13 ends. It looked like they were coasting. I think I saw Barry Gilmour go to the TAB and 'put the money on'!! Barry's side then won 7 of the next 8 ends, which included a 4 and 2x 3s. With the end that Harry's side won (18th end), they were 4 shots down and Simo was able to disturb the head with his last bowl, to go from 4 shots down, to 1 shot up and then Harry added another shot to make it 2 shots. As it turned out, Simo's on-shot was the match winning bowl (in my opinion). Barry's side were holding 4 shots on the last end, which made the score 20 - 19 and Harry (quite rightly) decided not to play his last bowl, which gave Harry's Heros the 2022 Mixed Fours Championship. Congratulations to all players on a sensational game and a special congratulations to Steph Heard on winning her very first championship.
Steff Heard, Debbie Moore, Glenn Simington & Tony Potter.
Leila Gilmour, Lynn Kennedy, George Boni & Barry Gilmour