Monday, 17 October 2022

2022 Mixed Kingfisher


L/R Winners - I. Jarratt, G. Jarratt A Stacey(Living Choice) & M Douglas

Despite the weather forecasters warning us of severe rain and possible floods, we had hot sun and wind all rain at all. The windy conditions made is pretty tricky, but we managed to get all four games in.
The results were are as follows:
1st place Ian Jarratt, Gwen Jarratt & Mitch Douglas (Umina) with 4 wins +34.
2nd place Pat Thornton, Shane Reeves & Peter Bowler (Entrance) with 3.5 wins + 22.
3rd place Wayne Balfe, Tammy Homan & Tony Miller (Composite) with 3 wins + 18.
4th place Heather Danford, Terry Pappas & Philip Westcott (Composite) with 3 wins + 10.
5th place Robin Brown, Mark Brown & Steve Balsdon (Composite) with 2 wins + 9.
6th place Kaye Cavenagh, Peter Springett & Shane Waddell (Umina) with 2 wins + 2.
Congratulations to Mitch and the Jarratts on a great win, great to see Peter Bowler and his team from the Entrance and congratulations to Heather Danford, who came all the way from Hawaii to play in her first game in Australia and went away with some money....she told me that her skip let the side down!!!
Many thanks to the lovely Alicia Stacey from Living Choice, for presenting the prizes and special thanks to Living Choice for supporting this very popular event
2nd Place - S. Reeves, P. Thornton A Stacey and P. Bowler